From Todd, Aimee and Dain Lind

Donnie Levi Lind

We wanted to do our best to express how grateful we are for the love and compassion we have received while coping with the loss of our son and brother, Donnie Lind, on November 19, 2017.

Every expression shared has been healing: cards, calls, emails, text messages, meals (offered and offered and accepted), gifts, flowers (delivered to our home and to the church), your presence at the service (in person and in spirit), your continued prayers, and your generous financial donations to heart-warming causes and directly to a memorial (which will be used to support a cause Donnie would be proud of).

Thank You

To the first responders (911, paramedics, Hanover Fire Rescue, police, and the medical examiner) -for choosing a noble profession and committing to it, every day. Thank you for understanding how difficult the experience was for us and for taking good care of Donnie. It was the last time his physical body was with us at our home which mattered more than we can express.

To our family, friends and neighbors -for being there for us in every way that you could. Please know you all provided support in a perfect, loving way. We know you share in our loss and we hope to support all of you more effectively in the future.

To the Buffalo Covenant Church -for opening up your church and your hearts to our family.

  • To Pastor Reid -for your compassion while consoling us and crafting and delivering a perfect sermon honoring a loving, unconventional young man.
  • To Dave, Darwin and the rest of the facilities team -for thoughtfully preparing and ensuring the church was in prime shape for the service and then repeating that for the next important event.
  • To Delores and the rest of the lunch ladies -for the devoted work you do in the spirit of giving back to the church and the rest of the community.
  • To Nancy -for making the dessert bars with love.

Donnie would have enjoyed getting to know each one of you and would have thanked you for your help with either a handshake or a big hug.

To Gina and the Asian Café in Monticello ( -for your hospitality and ensuring those participating in the luncheon were well taken care of.

To Anne Morehouse with MN Funeral Planning ( -for gracefully, and efficiently picking us up in order to orchestrate a celebration of life service to honor Donnie. You surpassed our expectations and played an instrumental part of our preliminary healing process. We are forever grateful to Anne and her family.

To Joel Morehouse ( -for donating your time and expertise on creating the slide show and videotaping the service. The documentation will be cherished by loved ones for years to come thanks to your giving nature.

To Bob Frazzini with Contemporary Images ( -for printing Donnie’s programs free of charge. You lifted our spirits at a time when we didn’t think it was possible. Your act of kindness touched us deeply.

To Donnie’s friends -for loving him and sharing your memories with us (leading up to the service, at the service and since then). We know we made this a bit challenging since Todd and I are not on FaceBook. We were deeply moved by the reflections shared during the service (by Hunter, Patrick and Riley) and want you to know how proud we are of you. Thank you to Casey Burns for creating the music play list. It was beautiful and so Donnie. We also greatly appreciated the support provided leading up to the service and during the service by Parker, Josh and Cole (and so many others). Donnie praised and loved all of you and we will continue to do the same.

To Dain’s friends and their families -for supporting him and empathizing with how painful it is to lose a sibling. Thank you to Ryan and Evan for taking care of the ushering duties.

To our coworkers and teammates -for understanding the time we need to grieve. We hope to get back to our A-game and your continued support is necessary and appreciated. A big shout out to the Scorpions hockey team for their generous financial donation.

To Chris Varner with Varner Heating and Cooling -for servicing our furnace on Christmas day free of charge. It was an unexpected gift that reminded us just how powerful the act of giving can be and how healing it can be to receive.

We are a private, humble family and yet we know there is value to sharing that Donnie died of an accidental opioid overdose. It sounds horrible and ugly and it is. But, 9 days prior to his passing, Donnie was ready to receive help and we were so proud of him. Like with any issue, until you admit it, tackle it and deal with it, you won’t. He was ready and we were supporting him through it. Had it not been for that “one last time” temptation -of which those without an opioid addiction may never understand- Donnie would have been in treatment learning to help himself while continuing to support everyone in his path. We loved Donnie deeply and unconditionally while he was here and will continue to honor his spirit in the same way.

With love -Todd, Aimee and Dain Lind

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  1. Gary and Cindy Smith

    Thank you Todd,Aimee and Dain for sharing everything wonderful about Donnie.
    We didn’t get to know Donnie , but through the beautiful tribute to him we get to see what a gift he gave the world while he was here.
    May god bless you and keep you wrapped in his loving embrace.

  2. Tyler & Arlee

    My heart goes out to your family, your in our thoughts and prayers. Love The Anderson’s

  3. Franchesca Sawyer


    I know I wasn’t necessarily family to you, but I felt that we really got to know each other on early morning truck shifts and late night floor set shifts. Many songs we shared and stories were told. But I am sad to know that you are no longer with us. I often think about you and how amazingly you touched my life, and others. I hope that you are being engulfed in love and peace in Heaven. I often pray that my godmother find you in heaven and give you a giant hug from me. I pray that she shares as much love with you as she can. I pray that my father is able to share a laugh and a good time with you! My heart breaks for your family, and loved ones, over and over. I hope they find, someday, peace; in the knowledge that you are at peace. No more worries, no more bad days here on earth. Only those left behind can hope for the day when they get to see you again in Heaven. You have not and never will be forgotten. I wish your family all the best that can come from your tragic death. You will never be replaced and will always be loved!
    I hope all are celebrating your life again, here 1 year later. Let us celebrate your wonder!